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台风“海贝思”已致72人死亡 日本派出11万人参与搜救

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Today's first report comes from Japan where it could be weeks before some victims of Typhoon Hagibis get back to a normal routine. Last Saturday Hagibis made landfall on the Izu Peninsula, southwest of Tokyo. It wasn't the most powerful storm to hit the Japanese mainland. Hagibis was about the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane. But it caused so much flooding and destruction that Japan's government was planning to label Hagibis a severe natural disaster. What that would do is make the communities that were hit eligible for government funding for reconstruction.

Nearly 10,000 houses were flooding across Japan. At one point, more than half a million homes had lost electricity though that number was down to 34,000 on Tuesday. And at least 72 deaths have been blamed on the storm making Hagibis the deadliest typhoon to hit Japan in years. The country's government says 110,000 people have been deployed for the rescue effort, including firefighters, police, and members of Japan's self-defense force. Rescue efforts continue in flooded areas and the government estimates that 5,500 people are staying in shelters.





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